About Us

We are a Professional  Manufacturing and Sourcing Group  in Industrial Stainless Steel Needs in tubes, pipes, bars, wires, coil and plate steels, Special Fixing and Fasteners needs at carbon & stainless steel, spring steel, brass, copper, titanium materials.

Our Group has Manufacturing Facilities at following ranges:

* Stainless Steel Welded Tubes at 300 / 400 and 200 series of stainless steel grades at TIG welding system.

* Tube Bending Lines.

* Cold and Hot Forging Lines.

* CNC Machining Lines.

Sourcing Facilities at Market Exclusivity Bases at following ranges:

* Korea and Taiwan Origin 400 series Stainless Steel welded Tubes and Pipes.

Sourcing Facilities at Outsource Bases from Local and Overseas Vendors

We also have skilled and technically approved  local and overseas contracted vendors- suppliers at our above mentioned product ranges, which are supervised and coordinated by our Professional Teams  in China, Taiwan and Korea in addition to the Domestic Locations.

We serve directly to OEM and Corporate Manufacturing Companies at Automotive, Energy, Construction, Furniture and Chemistry Industries  at Project bases by our accumulated  sourcing experience at local and global scale.

We are ready to serve you!!

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